Canoga Park Senior High

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Sender George Duggan
Posted On 2010-03-27
Year 1969-1971
Memoir My favorite memories of being at Canoga Park High School was holding the anti VietNam war protests and rallies and having Councilman, soon to be Mayor,Tom Bradley address one of them.

Being on the school paper and helping issue the Hunter's Gall in 1970. I still have my copy...

Sam Catalano, Mrs. Medina... Brian Rich...

Another was of being the co-founder of the Robert Kennedy Memorial Club and holding a food and clothing drive for an Indian Reservation inside San Diego County. The looks on the faces of the adults and children as we unloaded a 3/4 ton pick up truck full of clothing and food was unbelievable. Their living conditions were terrible. I tried to instill the art of activism and helping others less fortunate than us. I hope someone else is helping carry that on.

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