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A Tale of Two Teachers

Posted On 2014-10-30
Memoir The pins on the map are separated by 9 years and just under a mile as the crow flies. The 2 boys traveled to Sunny Brae & Sutter & Canoga from opposite sides of Saticoy Street and "met" in a Southwestern U.S. high school classroom as teachers.
The younger one's fictional, "twisted, selfish," televised career path was watched by millions, garnering both popular and critical applause. It ended in late September. It has made him a star. He will live forever in reruns.
The prayer-answered calling of the older was acted out on a mostly private stage. You may have thought he taught Spanish or Physical Education or coached baseball or wrestling or football, but, no. Same as the younger teacher, Chemistry was his field.
Period after semester after decade, he combined the elements of faith & compassion, dedication & love, and empathy & resolve in the beaker of community, then fired with the flame of "Be Strong!-Fight On!-Always we'll work with our might for the things we know to be right!" to help transform lives for the better.
There are no reruns to keep Alex Rudy Lugo, Jr.'s memory alive. That's a task that falls to each one of us as Hunters. This man was a gift to our school and town. He has been gone for five years. May we continue to honor him with individual actions that are designed to make the world a better place for others. (Submitted on 10/22/2013: 93-5-2)

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