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City Baseball Championship

Sender Diane S.
Posted On 2015-06-10
Year 1987
Memoir It's been 28 years since the Doug MacKenzie-coached Hunters won the 4-A City Baseball Championship at Dodger Stadium on Thursday, June 4, 1987. I'm now the same age the coach was when he got his 300th victory.
I'll always wonder whether the 1988 season would have brought a second championship if Coach MacKenzie had been allowed to return as the "walk-on" leader, though credit Coach Consolo for a season that ended just short of the Finals. (Oh, my goodness. That Semifinals loss was a TOUGH one!!!)
My dad and brother (the two Nicks) and I sat with Mrs. MacKenzie and her younger son, Colin, and a friend of his. The two Dougs were in the dugout together. It's another wonderful memory from my page of Canoga history.
If anyone from the family is reading these memoirs, please know that Mac continues to be remembered by former students and others. I send you warm greetings. (Submitted on Thursday, June 4, 2015.)

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