Canoga Park Senior High

Sender: Anne Hatfield-Casas
Posted On: 04/06/2016
Year: 1954


Ala Viva, Ala vivo, Ala Viva-vivo-vum,
Vum getta rat trap, vum getta cat trap,
Vum getta a cat trap bigger than a rat trap,
Cat trap, rat trap, sis-boom bah,
Canoga Park High School, Rah, Rah, Rah!

Mrs Nemeth taught us this cheer in 1953 or 1954, she was a great Gym teacher then! We wore black shorts and white blouses, white tennis shoes and socks, had to "dress" every day or got incomplete mark for the day! Those few days every month for girls were excuse only!

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