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Student Government

A tradition since 1915
Student Government was born on our campus in February of 1915, and it is alive and well today! To see our present day Constitution, click here. Student Government is presently under the direction of Ms. Kungie, and with her students,
they are continuing a long held school tradition.
The Student Government class meets every day to plan and carry out its functions. Twice a month, our elected and appointed cabinet officers meet to discuss and determine how best to serve the Student Body of Canoga Park High School.

Edith Haas was our school’s 1st Student Body Vice President in 1915. The next year she became President.

Our 2011 Social V.P. Kimberlin Tortoledo, President Oscar Vidales, and Executive V.P. Mayra Recendez
(This picture remains in Loving Memory of Oscar Vidales - Once a Hunter, Always a Hunter!!)
Here is a list of the activities we do on a regular basis:
School Governance
  • Cabinet Officer Meetings with Principal
  • Cabinet Meetings every two weeks
  • House of Representatives Meeting every month
  • Council of Clubs Meeting every month
  • Student Body Elections every May and December
School Spirit
  • Daily lunch music in both quads
  • Weekly Lunch-Fun activities
  • Lunch Dances
  • Pep Rallies for sports and CST’s
  • Spirit Week & Homecoming activities
  • International Day and Club Day
  • Holiday Activities (Valentine’s Day, St. Patrick’s Day, Halloween, Thanksgiving, etc.)
  • Promote wearing Green on Friday, and other school traditions
School Service
  • Clean Campus Campaign
  • Yearly tree planting on Arbor Day
  • Student-run Student Store
  • Support for clubs, classes, and teams with their activities
  • Promote and organize school fundraisers
Community Service
  • Pennies for Patients fundraiser
  • Red Cross Blood Drive
  • Volunteer work for the Chamber of Commerce
  • Yearly Food and Clothing Drive

The diagram below shows the make-up of our Student Body Cabinet.
According to our Constitution, we can have one appointed member for every elected member.

The purpose of Student Government, as written in our Constitution, is to promote student participation in school government, to promote an understanding of the educational and administrative objectives of our school, and to initiate and encourage the development of active citizenship…oh yeah, and to have lots of fun and make a difference!!

If you want to be a part of this tradition, go to room 614 for more information.

To see our Student Government Constitution, please click on this link.

This Student Government Site was Originally Designed by Mr. Richard Tibbetts,
past Leadership Sponsor.  The Man ... The Legend!!