Canoga Park Senior High

New Engineering, Environmental & Veterinary Sciences Magnet!  New Communications, Arts & Media Magnet!  Come visit.  



Engineering, Environmental and Veterinary Sciences Magnet


The 2017-2018 school year is introducing newly redesigned magnet programs at CPHS; Communication, Arts & Media (CAM) and Engineering, Environmental

& Veterinary Sciences (EEVS).


The EEVS Magnet will add an Engineering pathway to our current Veterinary & Environmental Science magnet program. A $1 million renovation project will transform an old shop classroom into an engineering design studio with 3-D printing and computer design capabilities, and provide a home for the Building Trades Multi-Core Curriculum. 


Our interdisciplinary and project-based learning model offers EEVS students a choice of three pathways of sequential courses:
  • Engineering
  • Environmental Science
  • Veterinary Science
If you are interested in careers in 
Green Technology
Veterinary Science
Agriculture and Sustainable Farming
Social Ecology
Building Trades
EEVS Magnet gives you the hands-on experience to achieve your goals.
The EEVS Magnet offers rigorous coursework, high-quality instruction, supervised hands-on experience, and leadership development activities for students of all ability levels.
Industry-standard equipment and technology, and personal laptop computers provide every student with 21st century tools for college and career preparation.
Please click on the link below (EEVS.ppsx) to view our PowerPoint presentation.
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