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Northrop Grumman Mentoring Program

Gaining Opportunities & Achieving Lifelong Success
(GOALS) Mentoring Program

The Northrop Grumman Corporation has chosen Canoga Park High School for their Gaining Opportunities & Achieving Lifelong Success (GOALS) Mentorship Program. Five of our students were chosen to pilot the program (to be expanded to 10 next year) in which each student is paired up with two Northrop Grumman engineers. The students travel to Northrop Grumman’s Woodland Hills facility once a month, where they work on a design project with their mentors. This year’s design project involves the development of a vehicle that can carry a puck up a ramp, drop the puck in a hole, drive over an obstacle course of varied terrain, stop at a wall, and then catapult a ball over that wall. The students have been given various design criteria on which they will be judged, with the winner to be honored at an awards banquet in June.

Along with working on their design project, the students were also allowed to tour the entire Northrop Grumman facility (an opportunity many of it’s employees have never had!), were trained in creating PowerPoint presentations, received speech and presentation training from a professional speaker, and will be touring the Cal State Northridge Engineering Department.

For more details on this program, please contact Mr. Dettenmaier by email.
To help develop tomorrow’s technical talent, Northrop Grunman’s Navigation Systems Censors Division has introduced the GOALS Program. This program is a mentoring program for Canoga Park High School students. Participants should desire to pursue a college degree in Physics, Engineering,Computer Science, Mathematics or Business.


GOALS will encourage and advance the mentee’s pursuit of a technology or business degree by providing hands-on technical experience and improving access to post-secondary education. In so doing, the GOALS program aims to cultivate a technically capable workforce that will prove to be valuable to Northrop Grumman and its fellow area employers.

Specific objectives of the GOALS Program:
  • To enhance the development of future technical talent and attract students toward careers with Northrop Grumman
  • To establish and maintain a meaningful relationship with, and commitment to, the young people of Canoga Park
  • To expose students to the process of becoming successful professionals by providing them with an opportunity to work in a corporate environment
  • To provide opportunities for mentees to take on leadership roles and become role models in their communities
Mentoring and Much More...
Each mentee is assigned to two mentors. Mentees will spend several hours each month with their mentors who will provide an introduction to the business world, keys to achieving success, career guidance and academic advice. They will also have the opportunity to assist their mentors with projects.

As a supplement to the mentoring sessions, learning experiences focused on engineering, business, leadership development and information technology are offered. Mentees in the GOALS Program are eligible or part-time summer employment opportunities through the Navigation and Systems Division, as available, to help prepare them to compete in the job market after college graduation.