Canoga Park Senior High

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October 4, 1914 - Canoga Park High School Was Born!
Originally named Owensmouth High School, Canoga opened with 14 students and 2 teachers on the 2nd floor of Owensmouth Grammar School.  The teachers were Miss Lulu Draper and Miss Clara Rooksby.  Miss Rooksby taught at Canoga for almost 25 years and was greatly responsible for our school colors of GREEN and WHITE, our school motto of BE STRONG, and the creation of our school annual, THE UTOPIAN.  She retired from teaching in 1938, but continued to be active in the community until her death in 1967.  She lived to be 103.
October 8, 1920 - Canoga Football Was Born!
Canoga's first ever football game was played against Van Nuys.  Canoga lost.  The new and inexperienced team had a record of 2-3 in the first season, losing twice to Van Nuys, and once to San Fernando.  Burbank and San Fernando (on the last game of the year) were their only victories.
October 19, 1927 - Canoga's Mascot The HUNTER Was Born!
In 1927, our High School had a contest to come up with a mascot. A student named Robert Parks suggested the HUNTER because the other valley schools were using the names of animals such as Tigers, Wolves, and Huskies.  The entry for Oct. 19th in the 1927 yearbook calendar says, "Hunters this day we decided to be; now watch the rival animals flee.”   The picture to the right is what the Hunter looked like in 1940.  In school tradition, the Hunter's name is Joe, and his girlfriend is Jane.
October 21, 1976 - Canoga Soccer Was Born!
Canoga's first ever soccer game was played against Birmingham.  The Hunters won, 4-0!!!  Practices were held in the morning from 7 to 9 that first year, and the coaches were Al Calce and alumnus Jose Ballina.
Canoga soccer won the City Championship in 2004, 2007, 2013, 2014, 2015, and 2016.  Present-day coach Jake Gwin was named the Daily News Soccer Coach of the Decade in 2010.