Canoga Park Senior High

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Our History

The Historic Campus of

CANOGA is the oldest high school in the west San Fernando Valley. It opened with 14 students and 3
teachers on October 4, 1914. Canoga was originally named Owensmouth High School. 
This photo was taken in the summer of 1968.

In 1914, the High School was located on the second
floor of Owensmouth Grammar School. This is the
present-day site of Canoga Park Elementary.
COHS photo
The first graduation on the campus of Owensmouth
High School occurred in June 1916. The graduating
class consisted of two students. They were Edith
Haas and Solly H. Patrick.

The Owensmouth High School Baseball team of 1916 lost all their games but one. They had no coach!
Track and Field was the only other sport offered to the boys that year.

The girl's basketball team of 1916 was undefeated. There were no other schools to play so Owensmouth split
the team and competed against each other. They won every game! No other sports were available for
the girls.

On September 11, 1916, Owensmouth High started
the school year with a new building and location. This 
structure was located near the softball field on the
present-day Canoga Park High School campus.

This rear view of Owensmouth High shows the
Greek Theatre. The outdoor Greek Theatre was built
on the backside of the new building. It was used for
plays, graduations and school/community events.
Empty fields looking south from the Greek Theatre
would one day be the present-day campus of
Canoga Park High School, the Topanga Mall, and
Warner Center.  COHS photo

Maurice Beckstead did not attend his graduation at
Owensmouth in 1917. As a member of the Naval  
Reserve, he was sent to serve in World War 1. After
the war, he returned home and became a rancher.

With fifteen players and eleven helmets, Owensmouth High School Football first took to the gridiron in 1920.
The new and inexperienced team had a record of 2-3, defeating Burbank and San Fernando.

The Owensmouth High School Marching Band   
started in 1925 with nine students. The next year 
they took this picture in their brand new uniforms. 
By this time, the band had grown to 23 members.
On June 12, 1929, a fire destroyed the upper floor of
the school. The first floor remained in use, but
bungalows were required until the completion of new
buildings in early 1931. COHS photo

In January 1931, students returned from vacation to move into the new school buildings. As a part of the same
construction project, the Greek Theatre was remodeled and the first floor of the original 1916 structure was
rebuilt. The Greek Theatre, and what was left of the original building, would be demolished in 1953 to make
room for the P.E. field. COHS photo
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