Canoga Park Senior High

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Our History

In 1931, the town of Owensmouth changed its name to Canoga Park. Despite protests from alumni, the school was also renamed CANOGA PARK HIGH. It was felt this would avoid confusion and "more closely identify the school with the community." This is a picture of Canoga Park High School in 1938.

Paul Brewer survived the Japanese attack of Pearl Harbor on December 7, 1941. He joined the United States Coast Guard after graduating from Canoga Park High School six months earlier.

Mariko Ozaki, Joe Ozaki, Joe Fukishima, and Dorothy Morita were Canoga students forced to live in Internment Camps during WWII. Dorothy went to Heart Mountain in Wyoming, while the others went to Manzanar in California.

The "great snow of 1949" covered the campus of Canoga. Students engaged in snow ball fights and built snowmen on the front lawn of the school. COHS photo

It has snowed in Canoga Park several times over the years. These years include 1915, 1923, 1932, 1933, 1941, 1949, 1957, and 1989. COHS photo

Canoga Park High School Cheerleaders, 1958.

The Canoga Park Hunters won the City Championship for football in 1968! They defeated Polytechnic High School, 34-27.

One of the original graduates from 1916, Solly Patrick, returned to Canoga for a visit in 1974. He helped celebrate the school's 60th anniversary.

For 40 years, the Greek styled 100 Building was the pride of Canoga Park. It housed the School Library, the Administrative Offices, and served as a well-known community landmark. In 1971, unfortunately, the building suffered severe damage in the Sylmar earthquake. It was condemned and demolished in the summer of 1975.  This photo was taken in Spring 1975

The classrooms of the original 200 building were also condemned after being damaged in the '71 earthquake.

This is one of the original columns from the 100 Building.

The demolished 100 and 200 buildings were replaced with new facilities that opened in March 1978. The air-conditioned structures were among the most modern and best equipped in the city, and the library was one of the largest. Some of the older classrooms were also re-furnished, and updated with the latest technology. CANOGA PARK HIGH SCHOOL was a "new" and "modern" campus.


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