Canoga Park Senior High

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Our History
  The Assembly Hall survived the 1971 earthquake and is in full use today. Built during the Great Depression by the Federal Emergency Administration of Public Works, it is identified as historically significant in the California Register of Historic Resources. The Hall was completed in 1939, and is named in honor of Canoga's former principal, G. Walter Monroe. Monroe was principal for twenty-three years, beginning in 1916.
  Helen Lundeberg's murals QUESTS OF MANKIND have been a prominent feature on our campus since 1940. She created them during the Great Depression while working for the W.P.A.'s Federal Art Project. The murals originally hung as five separate pieces on the outside north wall of the Assembly Hall. Today, they are displayed on the Oral Arts Building, which was built against the Assembly Hall in 1978. The Mural Conservancy of Los Angeles lists these works in their Mural Index. For more information go to

In April of 1926, Owensmouth High School celebrated the completion of its new gymnasiums.

Today, this building is Canoga's Small Gym. It is one of the oldest buildings on campus.

The oldest permanent structure at Canoga Park High School is the Wood Shop.

Industrial Arts have been taught in this same building since 1924!

Canoga's Redwoods are still here.  First planted in 1936.

Breniman Field is still here.

The HUNTER is still here.

...and even a few old columns are still here.

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